The Government of Saudi Arabia has taken rapid steps in the field of agricultural development to diversify sources of income, which has had the greatest impact on the growth and development of the agricultural sector, both vegetative and animal, and has achieved high annual growth rates.

Due to the geographic location of the Kingdom and the requirements of social and religious occasions, various types of animals are imported in very large quantities, which contributed to the settlement of various types of epidemics and the development of some dangerous ones, which poses challenges in combating epidemics and limiting their spread.

Local vaccine production centers supported by R & D centers are the first line of defense against these epidemics. In addition, the veterinary vaccine industry is considered a key pillar in livestock support and growth.

The Vaccine Production Business Line has started in 2010 at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry has requested Veterinary Medicines Company (Sister Company) to establish a factory for the production of Bacterial Veterinary Vaccines in accordance with the international specifications. As a result, Ibrize Al-Sharq Contracting & Maintenance Company for Contracting and Maintenance was established. Ibrize completed the Bacterial Veterinary Vaccines Factory facility in the Year 2012. Accordingly, the Operation and Maintenance of this factory was assigned to Ibrize for a period of three years and was renewed in Year 2016 for another three years. The Company has achieved great success in producing the required vaccines with international quality and specifications.

This great success in the production of Bacterial Veterinary Vaccines for the ministry led to the idea of ​​constructing a new Private Factory for the production of all types of Veterinary Vaccines. The Construction and Electromechanical sector of the company will fully design and implement this new factory.